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Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Systems

Our group's interests include transport phenomena (charge, energy, and spin) in nanoscale systems, including carbon nanotubes and graphene, and hybrid nanostructures based on these materials conjugated with proteins, synthetic peptides, and DNA. These systems are of rising interest both from the technological (possible future nanoelectronics!) and fundamental points of view. In order to study the electronic properties, we must first connect nanometer size objects to the outside world. To this end, we use a variety of nanofabrication techniques including photolithography, electron beam lithography, thin film deposition and etching approaches. Much of our work relies on facilities in the University of Pennsylvania Singh Center for Nanotechnology. Once we have a molecular circuit, we measure its properties using a variety of techniques including low-temperature magnetotransport, thermal conductivity measurement, and hybrid scanning probe techniques, that let us measure local electronic properties with nanometer-scale resolution.

Johnson Group (May 2014)

From left to right: Charlie Johnson, Iksoo Kwon, Pedro Ducos, Jisoo Kang, Chun Zai, John Qi, Rajatesh Gudibande, Nick Kybert, Madeline Diaz-Serrano, Alex Crook, Carl Naylor, Jinglei Ping, Ruben Waldman, William Zhou, Julian Holder

Recent News

  • Prof. Charlie Johnson on PBS NewsHour [LINK] (09/2014)
  • Dr. John Qi defened his Ph.D. and will join IBM (08/2014)
  • Prof. Charlie Johnson on Science Friday [LINK] and Al Jazeera America news [LINK] (05/2014)
  • Graduate student John Qi awarded NSF EAPSI Fellowship (03/2014)
  • Prof. Charlie Johnson appointed as Director of the Nano/Bio Interface Center (07/2013)
  • Graduate students Rajatesh Gudibande and John Qi awarded Penn's GAPSA-Provost Fellowship (05/2013)
  • Dr. Mitch Lerner defened his Ph.D. and will join SPAWAR (04/2013)
  • Graduate student Nick Kybert awarded Penn's Teece Fellowship (04/2013)
  • Graduate student John Qi awarded IBM Ph.D. Fellowship (02/2013)
  • Graduate student John Qi awarded Sigma Xi GIAR Award (12/2012)
  • Graduate student Mitch Lerner awarded DoD SMART Scholarship (2012)
  • Dr. Ye Lu defended his Ph.D. and will join Intel Corp. (10/2011)
  • Prof. Charlie Johnson elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society (09/2011)
  • Dr. Luke Sommers defended his Ph.D. and will join Rutgers University (08/2011)
  • Graduate student John Qi awarded NSF IGERT Fellowship (05/2011)

Representative Publications