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Beyond Graphene Publications
  • Gopinath Danda, Paul Masih Das, Yung-Chien Chou, Jerome T. Mlack, William Parkin, Carl H. Naylor, Kazunori Fujisawa, Tianyi Zhang, Laura Beth Fulton, Mauricio Terrones, A. T. Charlie Johnson, and Marija Drndic, Monolayer WS2 Nanopores for DNA Translocation with Light-Adjustable Sizes, ACS Nano (2017).
  • Debora Pierucci, Hugo Henck, Zeineb Ben Aziza, Carl H. Naylor, Adrian Balan, Julien E. Rault, Mathieu G. Silly, Yannick J. Dappe, Francois Bertran, Patrick Le Fevre, Fausto Sirotti, A. T. Charlie Johnson, and Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Tunable doping in Hydrogenated Single layered Molybdenum Disulfide, ACS Nano (2017).
  • JeromeT. Mlack, Paul Masih Das, Gopinath Danda, Yung-ChienChou, Carl H. Naylor, Zhong Lin, Néstor Perea López, Tianyi Zhang, Mauricio Terrones, A.T. Charlie Johnson and Marija Drndic, Transfer of monolayer TMD WS2 and Raman study of substrate effects, Scientific report (2017).
  • Carl H Naylor, William M Parkin, Zhaoli Gao, Hojin Kang, Mehmet Noyan, Robert B Wexler, Liang Z Tan, Youngkuk Kim, Christopher E Kehayias, Frank Streller, Yu Ren Zhou, Robert Carpick, Zhengtang Luo, Yung Woo Park, Andrew M Rappe, Marija Drndic, James M Kikkawa and A T Charlie Johnson, Large-area synthesis of high-quality monolayer 1T'-WTe2 flakes, 2D Materials (2017).
  • Shao-Yu Chen, Carl H. Naylor, Thomas Goldstein, A. T. Charlie Johnson, and Jun Yan, Intrinsic Phonon Bands in High-Quality Monolayer T' Molybdenum Ditelluride, ACS Nano (2016).
  • Luis M. Martinez, Nicholas J. Pinto, Carl H. Naylor, and A. T. Charlie Johnson, MoS2 based dual input logic and gate, AIP advances (2016).
  • Lukas Madaus, Oliver Ochedowski, Henning Lebius, Brigitte Ban-d'Etat, Carl H. Naylor, A. T. Charlie Johnson, Jani Kotakoski, Marika Schleberger, Defect engineering of single- and few-layer MoS2 by swift heavy ion irradiation, 2D Materials (2016).
  • Jason C Reed, Stephanie C. Malek, Fei Yi, Carl H. Naylor, A. T. Charlie Johnson and Ertugrul Cubukcu, Photothermal Characterization of MoS2 Coupled to a Microdisk Cavity, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 193109 (2016).
  • Deliris N. Ortiz, Josee Vedrine, Nicholas J. Pinto, Carl H. Naylor, A.T. Charlie Johnson, Monolayer WS2 crossed with an electro-spun PEDOT-PSSA nano-ribbon: Fabricating a Schottky diode, Materials Science and Engineering: B 214, 68–73 (2016).
  • Zeineb Ben Aziza, Hugo Henck, Daniela Di Felice, Debora Pierucci, Julien Chaste, Carl H. Naylor, Adrian Balan, Yannick J. Dappe, A.T. Charlie Johnson, Abdelkarim Ouerghia, Bandgap Inhomogeneity of MoS2 monolayers on epitaxial graphene bilayers in Van der Waals p-n junctions, Carbon 110, 396–403 (2016).
  • Hugo Henck, Debora Pierucci, Julien Chaste, Carl H. Naylor, Jose Avila, Adrian Balan, Mathieu G. Silly, Maria C. Asensio, Fausto Sirotti, A. T Charlie Johnson, Emmanuel Lhuillier, and Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Electrolytic phototransistor based on graphene-MoS2 van der Waals p-n heterojunction with tunable photoresponse, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 113103 (2016).
  • Debora Pierucci, Hugo Henck, Jose Avila, Adrian Balan, Carl H. Naylor, Gilles Patriarche, Yannick J. Dappe, Mathieu G. Silly, Fausto Sirotti, A. T. Charlie Johnson, Maria C. Asensio, and Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Band alignment and minigaps in monolayer MoS2-graphene van der Waals heterostructures, Nano Letters, 16 (7) (2016).
  • Carl H. Naylor*, Nicholas J. Kybert*, Camilla Schneier, Jin Xi, Gabriela Romero, Jeffery G. Saven, Renyu Liu, and A. T. Charlie Johnson, Scalable Production of Molybdenum Disulfide-Based Biosensors, ACS Nano, 10 (6) (2016).
  • Carl H. Naylor, William M. Parkin, Jinglei Ping, Zhaoli Gao, Yu Ren Zhou, Youngkuk Kim, Frank Streller, Robert W. Carpick, Andrew M. Rappe, Marija Drndic, James M. Kikkawa, and A. T. Charlie Johnson, Monolayer single crystal 1T'-MoTe2 grown by chemical vapor deposition exhibits a weak antilocalization effect, Nano Letters, 16 (7) (2016).
  • Debora Pierucci, Hugo Henck, Carl H. Naylor, Haikel Sediri, Emmanuel Lhuillier, Adrian Balan, Julien E. Rault, Yannick J. Dappe, Francois Bertran, Patrick Le Favre, A. T. Charlie Johnson & Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Large area molybdenum disulphide - epitaxial graphene vertical Van der Waals heterostructures, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 26656 (2016).
  • William M. Parkin, Adrian Balan, Liangbo Liang, Paul Masih Das, Michael Lamparski, Carl H. Naylor, Julio A. Rodri­guez-Manzo, A. T. Charlie Johnson, Vincent Meunier, and Marija Drndic, Raman shifts in electron-irradiated monolayer MoS2, ACS Nano, 10 (4) (2016).
  • Fei Yi, Mingliang Ren, Jason C. Reed, Hai Zhu, Jiechang Hou, Carl H. Naylor, A. T. Charlie Johnson, Ritesh Agarwal, and Ertugrul Cubukcu, Optomechanical enhancement of doubly resonant 2D optical nonlinearity, Nano Letters, 16 (3) (2016).
  • Wenjing Liu, Bumsu Lee, Carl H. Naylor, Ho-Seok Ee, Joohee Park, A. T. Charlie Johnson, and Ritesh Agarwal, Strong exciton-plasmon coupling in MoS2 coupled with plasmonic lattice, Nano Letters, 16 (2) (2016).
  • Bumsu Lee, Joohee Park, Gang Hee Han, Ho-Seok Ee, Carl H. Naylor, Wenjing Liu, A.T. Charlie Johnson, and Ritesh Agarwal, Fano Resonance and Spectrally Modified Photoluminescence Enhancement in Monolayer MoS2 Integrated with Plasmonic Nanoantenna Array, Nano Letters, 15 (5) (2015).
  • William Serrano, Nicholas J. Pinto, Carl H. Naylor, Nicholas J. Kybert and A. T. Charlie Johnson Jr, Facile fabrication of a ultraviolet tunable MoS2/p-Si junction diode , Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 193504 (2015).
  • Gang Hee Han, Nicholas J. Kybert, Carl H. Naylor, Bum Su Lee, Jinglei Ping, Joo Hee Park, Jisoo Kang, Si Young Lee, Young Hee Lee, Ritesh Agarwal & A. T. Charlie Johnson, Seeded growth of highly crystalline molybdenum disulphide monolayers at controlled locations, Nature Communication 6 6128 (2015).


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