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Molecular Electronics Publications
  • D.E. Johnston, D.R. Strachan, and A.T. Johnson, Parallel Fabrication of Nanogap Electrodes, to be published in Nano Letters (2007). Now available at Nano Letters ASAP
  • D.R. Strachan, D.E. Smith, M.D. Fischbein, D.E. Johnston, B.S. Guiton, M. Drndic, D.A. Bonnell, and A.T. Johnson, Jr., Clean electromigrated nanogaps imaged by transmission electron microscopy, Nano Letters 6, 441-444 (2006)
  • D. R. Strachan, D. E. Smith, D. E. Johnston, T.-H. Park, Michael J. Therien, D. A. Bonnell, and A. T. Johnson, Controlled fabrication of nanogaps in ambient environment for molecular electronics, Applied Physics Letters 86, 043109 (2005)
  • Y.X. Zhou, J. Hone, W.F. Smith, and A.T. Johnson, Simple fabrication of molecular circuits by shadow mask evaporation, Nano Letters 3, 1371 – 1374 (2003).
  • D.J. Bergeron, D.J. Pilloud, X.X. Chen, P.L. Dutton, and A.T. Johnson, The role of hydration in peptide STM image contrast, Biophysical Journal 78, 13A (2000).
  • A.T. Johnson, D.J. Bergeron, G. Grason, X. Chen, D.L. Pilloud, W.F. Smith, and P. L. Dutton, Lateral conductivity of synthetic peptide monolayers: The role of water in charge transport, Biophysical Journal 78, 289A (2000).
  • D.J. Bergeron, W. Clauss, D.L. Pilloud, P.L. Dutton, and A.T. Johnson, STM studies of synthetic peptide monolayers, pages 456-459 in Electronic properties of novel materials-progress in molecular nanostructures, proceedings of the XII International Winter School, Kirchberg, Tyrol, 1998, edited by Hans Kuzmany, Jörg Fink, Michael Mehring, and Siegmar Roth (AIP Conference Proceedings 442, Woodbury, New York).