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Nanowire Electronics Publications
  • K. Byon, D. Tham, A.T. Johnson, and J.E. Fischer, Synthesis and post-growth doping of silicon nanowires, to appear in Applied Physics Letters (2005).
  • N.A. Zimbovskaya, A.T. Johnson, Jr., and N.J. Pinto, On the electronic transport mechanism in conducting polymers, to appear in Physical Review B (2005).
  • C.H. Mueller, N. Theofylaktos, F.A. Miranda, A.T. Johnson, Jr., and N.J. Pinto, Demonstration of logic AND device using a split-gate pentacene field effect transistor, to be published in Thin Solid Films (2005).
  • A. D. Schwab, D E. Smith, B. Bond-Watts, D. E. Johnston, J. Hone, A.T. Johnson, J. C. de Paula, W. F. Smith, Photoconductivity of self-assembled porphyrin nanorods, Nano Letters 4, 1261-1265 (2004).
  • N.J. Pinto, A.T. Johnson, Jr., A.G. MacDiarmid, and C.H. Mueller, Electrospun polyaniline/poly-ethylene oxide nanofiber field-effect transistor, Applied Physics Letters 83, 4244 4246 (2003).
  • Y.X. Zhou, M. Freitag, J. Hone, C. Staii, A.T. Johnson, N.J. Pinto, and A.G. MacDiarmid, Fabrication and electrical characterization of polyaniline-based nanofibers with diameter below 30 nm, Applied Physics Letters  83, 3800 3802 (2003). I am corresponding author on this article.
  • A.G. MacDiarmid, W.E. Jones, Jr. I.D. Norris, J. Gao, A.T. Johnson, Jr., N.J. Pinto, J. Hone, B. Han, F.K. Ko, H. Okuzaki, and M. Llaguno, Electrostatically-generated nanofibers of electronic polymers, Synthetic Metals 119, 27 30 (2001).


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