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Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Publications
  • M. Biercuk, M.C. Llaguno, M. Radosavljevic, J.K. Hyun, J.E. Fischer, and A.T. Johnson, Carbon nanotube composites for thermal management, Applied Physics Letters 80, 2767 2769 (2002). I am the corresponding author on this paper. The article and accompanying press release received extensive media coverage, including Science, Physics Today (Physics Update, June 2002), Technology Review, and Nanotech Planet.
  • J. Hone, M.C. Llaguno, M.J. Biercuk, A.T. Johnson, B. Batlogg, Z. Benes, and J.E. Fischer, Thermal properties of carbon nanotubes and nanotube-based materials, Applied Physics A 74, 339 343 (2002).
  • M.C. Llaguno, J. Hone, A.T. Johnson, and J.E. Fischer, Thermal conductivity of single-wall carbon nanotubes: diameter and annealing dependence, to appear in Proceedings of the XV International Winterschool, Kirchberg, Tyrol, 2001, edited by H. Kuzmany, J. Fink, M. Mehring, and S. Roth (AIP Conference Proceedings 591, Woodbury, New York).
  • J. Hone, B. Batlogg, Z. Benes, A.T. Johnson, and J.E. Fischer, Quantized phonon spectrum of single-wall carbon nanotubes, Science 289, 1730 1733 (2000). I am the corresponding author on this paper.
  • J.C. Hone, M.C. Llaguno, N.M. Nemes, A.T. Johnson, J.E. Fischer, D.E. Walters, M.J. Casavant, J. Schmidt, and R.E. Smalley, Electrical and thermal properties of magnetically aligned single-wall carbon nanotube films, Applied Physics Letters 77, 666 668 (2000).


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